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There are many pieces to the security of our applications.  SSL, encrypted fields in the database, and hardware architecture and industry-leading partners like Amazon, GoDaddy, Oracle and Microsoft (hosting our site, the SSL, and our database technologies).


All communication between our support litigation site and ServiceLink (and ServiceLink and the file or merchant information) is leveraging the SSL certificate to lock down the communication.  In short, a very secure connection that no one can listen in or crack.


With ServiceLink we use 256 bit  SHA-2 code signing certificates to lock down the site and its data.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.  It might sound complex, but it's really quite simple.  SSL Certificates validate our website's identity and encrypt the information visitors send to, or receive from, our site.  This keeps thieves from spying on any exchange between us and you.

With ServiceLink uploading, storage, and downloading files are protected behind the SSL.  Many firms still email files or post them to unsecured sites.


Amazon Hosting Security

What is 256-bit Encryption?




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